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The Algarve is an extremely diverse region in terms of geography and culture. Each of our tours shows you a particular area with its own peculiar culture formed by the natural characteristics and historical influences. There are two big Natural Parks in the Algarve, Costa Vicentina and Ria Formosa, which together protect over 250km of coastline. Besides these, there are many smaller protected areas that are worth a visit, such as the mountain of Monchique.  In these magnificent natural settings, you will taste the local gastronomy, you will see the real Algarvian life and you will get to know the great history of this tiny corner of Europe. And of course, not to forget are the splendid beaches in the Algarve, which have been elected multiple times the best in Europe and the world. So, take a day or two to just relax at the beach, but don't forget to go on a trip with one of our local guides for that authentic experience!

Ria Formosa Supreme

This tour takes you to the East of the Algarve and has as a goal to show you the Roman influence on the current Algarvian culture in the hinterland and at the coastline. The morning is dedicated to the rural interior and the best Roman site. In the afternoon you relax in one of the Seven Wonders of Portugal: the Ria Formosa. An enormous system of sea lagoons, canals and barrier islands with a distinctive ecosystem and extremely rich fauna and flora.

• Full day

• € 74,-

Lost Heritage

Discover the cultural roots of the Algarve! The antiquity of the region is proven by the visit to the necropolis of the Neolithic Era and the former capital Silves. Spread throughout the splendid biodiverse nature of the Monchique Mountain 72 ±2Ma, including the cork forest, you will find several almost lost traditions. Luckily for you it is not yet too late to discover all of this. A day full of surprises, tastings and a local typical lunch.

• Full day

• € 59,-

Geographic Jeep Safari

A surprise tour through the geographic beauties of the region. A new experience with a local guide.

• Full day

• € 59,-

Best Coast Tour

The Natural Park of Costa Vicentina is a unique entity which needs to be viewed in all its dimensions. Of course, you will see the most impressive rock formations, the most unspoilt beaches, the most picturesque fishermen’s villages and not to forget the Cape St. Vincent. But this tour would not be the Best Coast Tour if you weren’t to be blown away by the unknown jewels of this area: the history of Portugal, the 15th century fortresses of the defensive line, the Paleontological site, … This tour is a real discovery!

• Full day

• € 59,-

Monchique Sunset


Amazing views, enchanting sunset and local snacks. 


• Half day

• € 49,-


Algarve Gourmet


Let yourself be swept away by one of Portugal’s greatest assets: its gastronomy! A day filled with tastings, from prized wines, over traditional conserved “petiscadas” and a gourmet lunch, but also a historical insight of what’s behind all these delicacies.


• Full day

• € 85,-


Cultural tourism in Natural Parks with local guides.



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