Cultural tourism in the Natural Parks of Algarve and Lisbon.

Our design is based on ethnocultural geography in Southwestern Europe. All our services are characterized by its quality information and playful nature, keeping at all times an elevated respect for environmental values.  As part of the local ecosystem, all our choices are made to contribute fully to the New Sustainability of tourism in Portugal. We always work with the highest levels of security and at the best prices.

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of Experience

Optimised services

to your specific needs.

Local Guides

Portugal Specialists

High quality information

on the most varied subjects.

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Together over 40 years of experience in organizing and executing every detail of your trip with the enthusiasm of the very first day.

Kim Hornix

Local Guide & Portugal Enthusiast


To conclude her studies Tourism and Recreation Management, Kim came to Portugal in 2006 for a three- month internship and then simply never left! She took a few years exploring the country, living in Porto and the Algarve, while gaining experience working for the main international tour operators. Since 2013 she is a full-time local guide for Geographic Algarve, where she can share her love for and knowledge of Portugal in the best way.

Maarten Slock

a.k.a. Dr. Lisbon


Maarten is passionate about travelling. When he got the chance to work for an international tour operator, exploring many countries all over the world, he didn't need to think twice.  But when he was sent to Lisbon in 2015, he quickly felt: this is the right place to be. Since then, he has been roaming the streets of the city and its surroundings. Sintra, Arrábida, Nazaré, ... they have no more secrets for Maarten. He is a real Lisbon & Sintra specialist.

Vasco Salgueiro

Passionate Founder & Local Guide


Vasco spent his student years in Lisbon, knowing every corner of the city, but soon came to the Algarve to turn into reality the vision he got. He founded Geographic Algarve to show you more than anyone else did, to give you a profound experience of the local culture, a true taste of the real gastronomy and an insight into the importance of the natural regions. Nature tourism before it became a thing. After 25 years, the original is still the best!


"We have been visiting the Algarve for 17 years and did many excursions, but the two tours we did with Geographic Algarve are something very special." - Karsten Fritze

"Very impressive tours." - Johannes Joest

"Beautiful tours, knowledgeable guides, competent and safe drivers." - Sandor Ploeg

"Today we have enjoyed a lovely, fully catered day with Burgundian surprises." -Yvonne Speelman

"The energy of Kim and Vasco is contagious!" - Silvie & Lars

"An unforgettable day in the Algarve" - Ana Nanie

"Just fun!" - Thomas Schwartz

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Geographic Algarve works together with the Câmara de Portimão and is a member of ATA.